Monday, January 31, 2011

The Valentine Sale + Brands We are excited about

We've heard severally that the third time is a charm. For The Mobile Market, this is not far from the truth AT ALL. We've come so far in so short a time, and we cannot but be grateful.

This time around is BIGGER! (We're starting to sound like a broken record, but yeah!). And it's not just because you'll be getting the fab-est (Yes, I said that) items  at rock bottom prices (which is the original idea anyway), all in one place but because it's a reason to do your valentine's shopping in advance - Apart from the usual Clothes, Shoes and Jewellery; There will be Cakes, a Florist, Perfumes, Gift Hampers, Lingerie and well you get the idea. There will be celebrity appearances :D.... Blaise will stop by, Beazy(we all know 'he's a bad guy jare') and falzthebadguy will perform (you might be familiar with his track 'Shakara') so will EFA, Tola Smith and Laji D'wayem.  
There are quite a few brands that will be showcasing. And all of them, personal favorites.
Starting from today we will be doing a blog series titled 'Brands We are Excited About'. We deemed it appropriate to start with this brand as  it will be one of the highlights of our upcoming sale.
We're uber-excited about THE LAJI D'WAYEM CLOTHING CO.

Why, you ask?

Well, these days, when it seems that everyone makes T-shirts, it takes more than an exotic sounding name to make a difference. So when someone steps out of the box and does something incredibly different, it just rocks our socks @ The M-M (Not literally, but you get the idea ;))

The Laji Dwayem Clothing Company offers what is increasingly becoming extinct in the Lagos clothing scene - Exclusivity. For a tidy sum, a few personality details are asked of you, and presto! Your T-shirt is ordered. Based on these questions, their design team develops a graphic based on one element, YOU.

A few days ago, they released their maiden design - A cocky bear that was inspired by Lagos based Publicist, Jibola Lawal's personality profile. The prototype, christened The J-Bear, became an instant hit as much for its utter cuteness as well as for its unashamed cockiness in it's caption "You want to hug me... you just don't know it yet."

We were more than excited when they announced that they'd make their debut outing at the 3rd Mobile Market sale.

It is not too late to hire a stall. call 08132342373

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