Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mobile Market - Who we are, What we do

There are lots of retail outlets in nigeria but most of them are really expensive hence not accessible to everyone. 

A 20 something year old girl was inspired by the need for an AFFORDABLE retail outlet.She just moved home to nigeria from the uk and she realised she always did her shopping abroad and so did most of the people she knew. She knew she had to something about it because in her words 'U can't get a visa and a ticket and jump on a plane every time you want to shop'. Just like that The Mobile Market was born.

The Mobile Market is an affordable retail solution to fashion needs. We have menswear and womenswear including shoes, handbags, jewellery, perfume, shirts, t shirts, ties, sunglasses, beauty essentials and lots more...
Our aim is to provide affordable fashion for the nigerian youth; whether made in nigeria or outside nigeria, designer or highstreet labels.

We hv periodic sales, we intend to move around cities, campuses and we are working on delivery and online orders.

We have had 2 sales already; one in december and another in january. We are really thrilled about everything and how much progress we've made so far.

Our last sale was Sat Jan 15th 2011; the venue was GRA ikeja. It was fab! We hosted other vendors and had about 9 stalls in total; our own stall and 8 others

Tanjumoko - A line of handmade accessories; earrings, hair pieces, etc

Ours by Juliada - a line of organic handmade hair and body products like their virgin coconut oil and their gingerbread cookie scrub

Faces of Gold - Make-up artist; also sell make-up

Azure - A line of printed art t-shirts

Virtue - A line of casual male and female clothing

Didi Rose - A line of exotic handmade beaded and wire jewellery 

The L Stop - Lingerie and nightwear and exclusive ankara and jersey nightwear

Nirvana Perfumery - A great collection of designer perfumes

Eden - delicious natural smoothies 

Below are a few pictures: 

To contact us: Send an email to, call us on 08132342373 and 08132887549, search "The Mobile Market" on facebook, follow us on twitter @TheMMarket and us on bb 257487cf.


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